Roots & Culture Reggae is Solomonic Sound System’s foundation, but do not get it twisted: their sessions always keep up with today's most current reggae music on one of their sound systems. From Dancehall to Lovers Rock, UK Steppers to Classic Dub, and Afrobeat to Ska, Solomonic has the knowledge & experience of 25 years in the business to turn any event into a joyful frenzy. That's not even mentioning their massive collection of dubplate ‘specials' that make their events and mixes unique.

Spanning four states in the US, Solomonic is a collective of selectors (DJs) performing at and promoting events in Vermont (Jahson), Philadelphia (Rob Paine), Hawaii (Zacharijah), Los Angeles (Papa Fz, Tetris & Dave Paine), and abroad since 1996. With respect to the foundation before them, Solomonic sessions are presented in the traditional style of sound system culture out of Jamaica and the UK.

The Solomonic Sound System experience has been captured and documented and is ready to be enjoyed by any reggae connoisseur through their mixes and live recordings available from within this website and all of the social media accounts listed below.


Rob Paine


Papa Fz

DJ Tetris

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